Wednesday, November 10, 2010


this was pretty much my favorite running "action" of the morning..
i can you keep your feet on the ground when...
arcade fire
wake upppp
is on repeat?????
i know there is talk around the town concerning the art of..
mixed in/accompanied with our dear friend the..
buts that exactly my point..she is friend..and has been since 2006!
she sets the tempo, mood, pace, motivation, attitude..need i say more!
she is sooo loyAL!! so i was thinking...
pick a favorite song..with an average time and see how many times you can run to it
i only got 4 times in..not including the time it took us to run to campus :)
i know i know...4 times equals what...a little less than 20 mins..
but let me tell you..
it made me 4 times happier TODAY!!!
so here is to you, Debussie!!!
i believe in you!!
i felt Heavens lights down those unlit sidewalks this morning!
heck, with just a few more jumping lessons..ill be able to just fly up!! :)

1 comment:

  1. i should try waking up to arcade fire. that might brighten my morning! i made the mistake of "waking up" listening to jack johnson. it was lovely, but i stayed in bed an extra hour or so... not exactly great pick me up music :)