Wednesday, November 10, 2010

dont fall in love..

with what you have written!!
heheee..i feel like over the past month i have been through a bigglion and one different topics to propose as my thesis/research question!!! there were a few that i felt or acted even as i was married to them and that i just couldnt let them go...but TODAY...i was act more as if i was dating them...checking to see if we are compatible, finding out what she is like day to day!! so..for now, i am still single (story of my life :)) but dont worry...she will come along...i mean...just think if i wouldve chosen one that didnt fit..with loose ends, contradictions, etc that dont work!! you would probably find me in this gentleman's shoes!!! heheeee
BUt..revision is the answer! or maybe just acknowledging the contradictions and showing why and how your claim still holds up!!!! thats what the ATONEMENT does!! :) in spite of all our weaknesses, our claim for LIFE has already been completed by HIM! so i guess....
we can fall in love! hmmmmmmmmm??
ps.we all have loose ends and we may feel unfit but HE makes up for all of that! LOve!
pss.bethany.shout out.make.this.yours :)

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