Wednesday, January 25, 2012

como una flor…



so I was sent to a silly compliance meeting this morning at 7am!

I show up and no one is to be found! NO ONE! they cancelled the meeting! ERRRR!!

mcDo is just right across the street so obviously I had to pick up some breakfast! and this is where my list of all wholesome nutritional food starts:

  • Two Sausage Biscuits (Two Strawberry Jams)
  • 32 ounces of Coke
  • Late morning Sweet and Sour Chicken bites
  • Noon time Ramen Noodles (Chilly Flavor)
  • Four Starburst double packs
  • Box of Hot Tamales
  • Store Branch bought Spicy Chicken Tamales
  • Late Evening Chicken Tender I stole from Brant
  • Ice Cream Cone Brant bought me (Chocolate & Vanilla Twist)
  • Crumbs off a Cinnamon Spice cupcake
  • Irish Vanilla Caramel Frappe

not bad, ey? I feel so healthy as I sit hear laid back staring prolonglyyy at my box of SweeTarts!!!!





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