Friday, October 29, 2010

love sicknessss

ci- were missed

come this sat. right grace???
there, ya even promoting this event!!

they are swinging on our porch as i type!
-keep it down-

"gota keep dem ankles warm"

ou ca-

i was walking a fairly new friend, i'd have to say, to class one sunny afternoon
along the way we ran into another great, fairly new friend
but it sure didn't feel like it
i was telling them why i so much enjoy being their friend
in doing so
i relearned something i had forgotten
friends should not only make you feel free, confident, trusting and like yourself
but they should always support you, inspire you and make you want to be better
i then said, mahn, i bet i could just lay on the ground, just being, saying very little and still feel accepted
well, i was right
now back to the sunny afternoon walk
we arrived at her destination and i saluted her with
i love you
or maybe it was
i luv you
is that alright
fairly new friend
i hope it was alright
not too forward
not too awkward
i want to become love one day
so why not start now


  1. i love these :) and the whole post. also, i'm glad you remembered the reason for my silly slippers. you got is just right: gotta keep my ankles warm! ;)

  2. John! I luv this post and I love you. Here's to friends that help us put the pieces together.